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Finally, Something Real – “Robot of Sherwood” Review

After a fairly lethargic second episode, Doctor Who series 8 pumps up the energy for episode three. While I still prefer last season’s demented ode to Penny Dreadfuls, “The Crimson Horror,” Mark Gatiss’ latest script similarly manages to transcend its … Continue reading

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“Following the age trajectory”: A Response to The Sunday Times

It is my lofty ambition to occasionally write about things other than Doctor Who on this blog. I know. Dream big. But the more I watch and read about the show, the more fascinating it becomes, the more I learn, … Continue reading

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“We are going to the North!”: ‘The Crimson Horror’ Review

To start on an interesting side note, ‘The Crimson Horror’ is officially the 100th episode of New Who, so congrats to the Doctor on making it this far! And what a crazy, bonkers episode this was. From the titular horrendous … Continue reading

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“Mutually Assured Destruction”: ‘Cold War’ Review

‘Cold War,’ though not without flaws, is far and away the best Mark Gatiss episode since ‘The Unquiet Dead,’ all the way back in series 1, eight long years ago. Taut and claustrophobic, it works beautifully in that tradition of Gothic science … Continue reading

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