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A Few Short Movie Reviews: War Horse, Thor, A Dangerous Method, Take Shelter, My Week With Marilyn, and The Hunger Games

Life has kept me busy and away from my blog recently, but I’m pleased to be back and I come bearing a few short movie reviews. War Horse Steven Spielberg’s World War I epic following the experience of a war … Continue reading

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Links Miscellaneous #2

It’s time once again to share that randomness one encounters when surfing the internet. A few things of interest: “No harm in him: only needs a smack or so…”* Courtesy of The Tolkien Professor, the online journal Newser** reports that a … Continue reading

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Apologetics, or Just Apologizing?

I’ve noticed a trend recently, and it’s one I’ve often participated in myself, so please don’t read this as accusatory. When naming a favorite thing (book, movie, band, author, etc.) many of us feel compelled to use a disclaimer, to apologize … Continue reading

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